Upper Back Isolation Workouts

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Wright Now Fitness Upper Back Isolation Workouts will guide you to improve the integrity of your upper back.  Aaron Wright has created a one-of-a-kind isolation system that combines therapeutic strength exercises and stretches to lessen pain, increase strength, and improve flexibility, mobility, and range of motion in your upper back. 

NOTE: Buy any 3 Isolation workouts and we'll automatically apply a discount at checkout!!!  $24.95/ea. or $59.95 for 3.  Also, see our entire Isolation Set listed under Workout Packages, all 9 workouts, for the discounted low price of only $129.95.

Upper Back Isolation includes:

• 2 Long Workouts(15-20 minutes)

• 2 Short Workouts (8-10 minutes)

• BONUS Cool Down

• Upper Back Isolation Manual

• FREE Thera-Band®!  

Equipment required: Exercise bands and a ball

We recommend one 8 lb. dumbbell for an average woman and one 15 lb. dumbbell and a pair of 3 lb. dumbbells for an average man.

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